Multi-Family Project Announcements along Light Rail

Multi-Family Building Announcements along Light Rail

by Bryan Watkins, Broker, LRA Real Estate Group

As the light rail corridor grows, developers announce new projects as they are approved by each City. We have gathered the announced MultiFamily projects from news and other reliable sources as of October 2014. We then decided to put the information of each project into a visual map that is useful and easy to grasp. The locations are important. The map suggests the ‘hot spots’ for current development projects. However, to get the full value of the multi-billion Dollar investment in the light rail tracks for the future, people need to live near the tracks and stations.

The map area was so large that we split it into two documents. The maps are in PDF format. Just click on either of the maps to download.

Map of Phoenix light rail Multifamily Developments

Map of Tempe-Mesa light rail MultiFamiy Developments