The Light Rail Chamber of Commerce provides an environment for all property and business owners to grow their business and protect their interests. The Chamber is unique because by design it’s path cuts across many Phoenix Metro cities. Our Members are also unique because each is CONNECTED to the light rail corridor and contributes to the spirit of the entire community. We are proud of the experience and hard work each property and business owner brings to make us successful.



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The Light Rail Chamber is unique. Because it cuts across important areas and cities in Phoenix Metro, it has a   Government, Media and Public Focus that no other part of the valley can equal. We CONNECT with email and social media whenever possible to keep the costs minimal.


The light rail corridor contains a wide variety of business and building owner sizes. From the smallest owner in a building to the largest firms in tall buildings along Central Avenue, a rich and vibrant diversity of experience is on display every day.

Powerful New Voice

The Light Rail Chamber’s goal is to gather together in one place all business and property owners in the light rail corridor. This diverse yet important group has significant influence on City and neighborhood planning and growth that individuals don’t have. Thus, we are a Powerful, New Voice in the Light Rail Corridor!

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